Review Icelandic Championships 2020

Matthías Örn Friðriksson and Maria Jóhannesdóttir are the new Icelandic Singles Champions of 2020! The pairs titles went to Þorgeir Guðmundsson/Guðjón Hauksson and Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir/Jóhanna Bergsdóttir.

Men Singles
Friðriksson didn’t start in the group stage because he was already qualified for the last 32. He played his first match against Olafur Sigurjónsson. After losing the first leg, Friðriksson won 5 legs in a row including a 170-checkout in the second leg! Check that leg back here. In the last 16 and the quarterfinals, Friðriksson won twice 5-0 against Páll Árni Pétursson and Rudolf Einarsson. Bjarni Sigurðsson was the opponent for ‘The Eagle’ in the semi-finals. Friðriksson was 3-1 down, but with some good legs, he didn’t lose more legs and won 6-3.

In the final defending champion Vitor Charrua was the opponent. Friðriksson started very strong by winning the first three legs. Charrua came back to 3-2 with legs in 17 and 18 darts. Friðriksson then again won two legs in a row for a 5-2 lead. After leg 7, Charrua really started to throw much better, including two 15-darters and a 158-finish for 5-5. With a 13-dart-leg Friðriksson held his own leg for a 6-5 lead. In leg 12 the 33-years-old missed a couple of match darts, Charrua punished him; 6-6. In the deciding leg, both players felt the nerves, but with throwing double 4 with his last dart in hand Friðriksson crowned himself as Icelandic Champion for the first time!

Women Singles
Maria Jóhannesdóttir was already qualified for the knock-out stage and started in the last 16. She defeated Þórey Gunnarsdóttir 5-2. In the quarterfinals, she was too strong for former Icelandic Champion Petrea Friðriksdóttir 5-1. In the semi-finals, Jóhannesdóttir defeated defending champion Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir in a thriller (6-5), where both players missed matchdarts.

Diljá Helgadóttir reached the final for the second year in a row. The first 4 legs went with the darts. In the fifth leg, Helgadóttir broke with double 9 to 3-2. After the fifth leg, Jóhannesdóttir won all the legs for a 7-3 win and her fourth Icelandic Championship title!

Icelandic Singles Champions 2020!

Men Pairs
On 8 March the Icelandic Pairs Championships were played in Reykjavik. Þorgeir Guðmundsson/Guðjón Hauksson didn’t start the tournament well, they lost their first group match 3-1 to Alex Dúason/Viðar Valdimarsson. In the second match, they defeated Guðlaugur Gústafsson/Ívar Guðlaugsson 3-0 with an average of 83,5. The last two group matches were also won 3-0 against Þorgeir Einarsson/Sumarliði Árnason and Gunnar Kristinsson/Jón Ríkharðsson. In the last 32, Guðmundsson/Hauksson defeated Philip Godin/Halldór Guðmundsson 4-0 with an average of 89,7! They won the legs in 15,18,14 en 20 darts, including 6 perfect darts in the third leg. In the quarterfinals, they defeated Karl Helgi Jónsson/Bjarni Sigurðsson 5-3. In the semi-finals, the pair won 6-2 against Páll Árni Pétursson/Hörður Þór Guðjónsson.

In the final, the 2018 Icelandic Champions Hallgrimur Egilsson/Vitor Charrua were the opponents. It was a very simple victory for Guðmundsson/Hauksson, Egilsson/Charrua missed a huge number of doubles in the final. In the eight legs that were played in the final, Egilsson/Charrua had in six legs darts at the double. In the end, it was a 7-1 win for the older pair, who takes their second Icelandic title, after the win in 2001.

Icelandic Men Pairs Champion 2020!

Women Pairs
Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir/Jóhanna Bergsdóttir won their fourth pairs title in Reykjavik. They started with three wins in the group stage against Petrea Friðriksdóttir/Sigríður Jónsdóttir (3-0), Bergný Baldursdóttir/Þórey Ágústsdóttir (3-0) and Ólafía Guðmundsdóttir/Þórey Gunnarsdóttir (3-1). In the quarterfinals, Magnúsdóttir/Bergsdóttir were too strong for Sandra Guðlaugsdóttir/Kristín Bjarnadóttir with 5-2. In the semi-finals, they haven’t problems with Sólveig Daníelsdóttir/Diljá Helgadóttir and reached the final with a 6-1 win.

In the final Petrea Friðriksdóttir/Sigríður Jónsdóttir were again the opponents. After 1-1 Magnúsdóttir/Bergsdóttir won 4 legs in a row for a 5-1 lead. After that Friðriksdóttir/Jónsdóttir won only one more leg, so Magnúsdóttir/Bergsdóttir won the final with 7-2 for another pairs title!

Icelandic Women Pairs Champions 2020!