Good old Þorgeir Guðmundsson wins Pro Tour 2

The 74-years-old Þorgeir Guðmundsson won the second Icelandic Pro Tour of the year. He was the strongest in a field of 30 players including a tournament average of 72,39.

Guðmundsson started his campaign with a good 4-1 win against Bjarni Sigurðsson. In the last 16 8 Guðmundsson hadn’t problems with Hrefna Sævarsdóttir, 4-0.

In the quarterfinals Matthías Örn Friðriksson was the opponent for Guðmundsson. Guðmundsson started very strong and took the first 3 legs incuding a 16-dart-leg. Leg 4 and 5 went with the darts and so Guðmundsson won 4-1 with an average of 80,60.

Young talent Alexander Þorvaldsson was the next opponent in the semi-finals. He defeated Vitor Charrua in the quarterfinals. Guðmundsson won the first two legs, but Þorvaldsson came back with legs in 21 and 18 darts for 2-2. The last two legs goes to the more experience Guðmundsson for a place in the final.

Guðmundur Friðbjörnsson was the other surprising finalist. He defeated Jónas Helgason, Karl Helgi Jónsson, Hallgrimur Egilsson and Alex Máni Pétursson. In the final Friðbjörnsson missed a lot of doubles. Guðmundsson punished him and won the first 3 legs. Friðbjörnsson held his own leg for 3-1. In the fifth leg Friðbjörnsson missed doubles for 3-2, Guðmundsson threw out 5 for the title in Keflavik.

The top 4 of the Icelandic Pro Tour Order of Merit qualifies themselves after 8 Pro Tours for the Icelandic Premier League 2019. The top 8 will be seeded in Pro Tour 3.