The fourth week of the Icelandic Premier League was 13 November in Shake&Pizza.

The night started with a 6-0 whitewash of Alex Máni Pétursson over Guðmundur Sigurðsson. Pétursson won the match with a 71 average including legs in 16 and 18 darts.

The second match went between Karl Helgi Jónsson and Alexander Þorvaldsson. Þorvaldsson had a 2-1 and 4-2 lead, but after that the youngster missed a lot of doubles and won Jónsson the last 4 legs for a 6-4 win.

The third match was the match of the tournament so far, Vitor Charrua and Matthías Örn Friðriksson played each other. Both players were unbeaten so far. Friðriksson started very well with breaking Charrua in the first leg and held his own leg in 16 darts for a 2-0 lead. After that 5 legs went with the darts for 4-3. In the eighth leg Charrua broke back with a 100-checkout for 4-4. Friðriksson broke for the second time and had the lead back; 5-4. Charrua broke immediately back in 18 darts for 5-5. Charrua produced a impressive 13-dart-leg for the win!

The last match of the evening was another whitewash, Þorgeir Guðmundsson defeated Halligrimur Egilsson 6-0. Guðmundsson won 6 legs in a row, including a 11-dart-leg from the 75-years-old Icelandic player!

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