Icelandic Pro Tour 8

Wednesday 11th September the last Icelandic Pro Tour of the year will be played in Keflavik. After 8 Pro Tours the top 4 of the Icelandic Pro Tour Order of Merit will earn a seat in the Icelandic Premier League 2019!

The eight Pro Tour will be played in the Pílufélag Reykjanesbæjar at in Keflavik. The tournament is straight knock-out in a format of best of 7 legs.

Here are the Icelandic Pro Tour Rankings after 6 events played. The next 8 players will be seeded if they play tonight:

1: Matthías Örn Friðriksson
2: Karl Helgi Jónsson 
3: Alex Máni Pétursson
4: Þorgeir Guðmundsson
5: Guðmundur Sigurðsson 
6: Alexander Þorvaldsson
7: Hallgrimur Egilsson
8: Sigurgeir Guðmundsson

Winner: 28 points
Runner-up: 21 points
Semi-finals: 15 points
Quarterfinals: 10 points
Last 16: 6 points
Last 32: 3 points

Pro Tour 8 can be watched on the Facebook page of Live Darts Iceland.

The tournament starts at 19:30 local time!