Magnúsdóttir wins both titles, Diego new single champion

In the weekend of 5-7 June the 301 Icelandic Championship, double in double out, was played in Akureyri! Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir defended her single and pairs title (with Johanna Bergsdóttir), while Friðrik Diego and Vitor Charrua/Karl Helgi Jónsson won the titles for the men.

Friday night the pairs tournaments started in straight knock-out with 26 Men Pairs and 5 Women Pairs. Vitor Charrua/Karl Helgi Jónsson and the brothers Matthías Örn Friðriksson and Sævar Steinn Friðriksson reached the final. Charrua and Jónsson saw off Poulsen/Sveinsson (5-3), Helgason/ Sigurðsson (5-1), Jónasson/Jónasson (5-0) and Halldórsson/Magnússon (6-4) on the way to the final. The brothers Friðriksson defeated Guðlaugsson/Gústafsson (5-3), Birgisson/Pétursson (5-0), Guðmundsson/Pétursson (5-4) and Guðmundsson/Diego (6-5) for a place in the final.

The final was a very close contest, the first 8 legs were shared; 4-4. The last 3 legs went to Charrua and Jónsson, who took their first pairs title together! Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir and Johanna Bergsdóttir defeated Jóhannesdóttir/Jónsdóttir (6-1) and Sævarsdóttir/Þórðardóttir (7-1) for their fourth 301 Icelandic Champion title!

Saturday 6 June was the Round Robin been played, Sunday was the final day with all the knock-out matches. In the men, Matthías Örn Friðriksson and Friðrik Diego reached the final. Friðriksson didn’t lose any single match towards the final. He was too strong for S.Friðriksson (3-0), K.Sigurðsson (3-0), Pálsson (3-0), Guðjónsson (3-0), Sæmundsson (3-0), Gústafsson (5-0), Örnólfsson (5-1), Guðmundsson (5-2) and Jónsson (6-3). In the Round Robin match against Sæmundsson, Friðriksson managed to miss his first three darts at the double, but scored after that 160 and 141! A perfect scoring visit! Diego lost in the group stage against Guðmundsson (3-1), Einarsson (3-1) and B.Sigurðsson (3-1). He won his last two matches against Spychala (3-1) and Indriðason (3-0) and that was enough for a place in the last 32. Sunday Diego had a better day, with wins over Kristinsson (5-4), Halldórsson (5-3), K.Sigurðsson (5-4) and B.Sigurðsson (6-5) for a place in the final.

In the final Friðriksson started as the better player, he won the first two legs. In the next three legs, Diego did find his rhythm and won three legs in a row for a 3-2 lead. Then two legs went with the darts for 4-3. In leg 8 Diego managed to break the throw of his compatriot for a 5-3 lead. Friðriksson fought himself back in the match, winning 3 legs in a row for a 6-5 lead. In leg 12 Diego broke Friðriksson back in 10 darts for 6-6. In the last leg Friðriksson started better and missed a match dart at 110, Diego started slow but with a 180 score and a 51-checkout, he crowned himself as 301 Icelandic Champion!

Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir won her fourth title in a row, after losing her first match in the group. Maria Jóhannesdóttir was too strong for Magnúsdóttir 3-2. The last two matches in the group were won against Sævarsdóttir (3-1) and Bergsdóttir (3-0). She reached the final with wins over Friðriksdóttir (5-3) and Sævarsdóttir (6-5) in the knock-out stage. In the final Jóhannesdóttir was the opponent once again. Mágnusdóttir started very well with winning the five of the first 6 legs for a 5-1 lead. Jóhannesdóttir came back with 4 legs in a row for 5-5. In the end, the last 2 legs went to ‘Angryborg’, for a 7-5 win!