At 27 November the last two weeks of the Icelandic Premier League were played.

After seven weeks Vitor Charrua, Matthías Örn Friðriksson, Alex Máni Pétursson and Hallgrimur Egilsson will play the semi-finals at 8 January. Charrua defeated Alex Máni Pétursson and Þorgeir Guðmundsson in a last leg deciders. Friðriksson lost his last match of the league phase to Pétursson with 6-2. Egilsson started the league with four loses, but he won the last 3 matches including 6-4 wins over Karl Helgi Jónson and Alexander Þorvaldsson. Guðmundsson and Sigurðsson had also three wins, but Egilsson had the best leg balance for a semi-final place. Alexander Þorvaldsson and Karl Helgi Jónsson won only two matches and ended last.

Vitor Charrua vs Hallgrimur Egilsson
Matthías Örn Friðriksson vs Alex Máni Pétursson

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