General information
 Karl Helgi Jónsson
 55 years old

Darts Information
Starting with darts:
Reason to start with darts: /
Nickname: ‘Gulrótin’
Type darts: 
24gr Sabotage
Favourite double: 
Double 20
Best performance in darts:
Icelandic Champion 50+ 2019
Big idol in darts: 
No one
Favourite opponent: 
Matthías Örn Friðriksson
Player not to play against: 
No one
Favourite tournament:
 Icelandic Premier League

Practise Information
Amount of practice in a week:
 4 à 5 times per week
Practice routine: A doubles round and other exercises
Practice friends: 
No one

180 or  170 finish
Icelandic Premier League Champion or Icelandic Champion
Reykjavik Club House  or Keflavik Club House
Singles format  or Doubles format
501 or Cricket

Results in 2020
Icelandic Championship 50+: Runner-up
Reykjavik International Games: Last 32
IPS Ranking 1: Quarterfinals
IPS Ranking 2: Quarterfinals
IPS Ranking 3: Last 32
IPS Ranking 4: Last 16
Icelandic Championship Singles: Quarterfinals
Icelandic Championship Pairs: Quarterfinals
301 Icelandic Championship Pairs: Winner
301 Icelandic Championship Singles: Semi-finals
IPS Ranking 5: Runner-up
IPS Ranking 6: Quarterfinals
IPS Ranking 7: Quarterfinals
IPS Ranking 8: Quarterfinals

Statistics in 2020 (tournaments via DartConnect)
Highest average:
180’s: 7
Highest checkout: 158
Best leg: 16 darts
Average darts per leg: 24,21 darts per leg
Matches played:
Matches won: 28
Matches lost: 13
Win rate: 68,29%